The problem can be resolved!
Whether you call it a ‘challenge’ or a ‘problem’, there is always an answer to resolve a situation.
Let’s take the issue with, ‘Equilibration’, ref BS EN 285, HTM2010, PDA Technical Report No.1 - 2007 revision, etc.
Well, you might be saying right now, “What is the issue?”  This particular acceptance criteria is aimed at determining that sufficient air removal is attained in a ‘Porous/Hardware type load’ being sterilized in an autoclave, using ‘dry saturated steam’ as the medium for sterilization.  Quite simply, if air is not removed from all parts of the load, dry saturated steam will not be present to allow sterilization to take place.
The standards and advisory guidelines mentioned above, give criteria which at times companies quite simply fail to meet.  I have much experience in this area and can find the resolution to the ‘challenge/problem’.  Look here for more information.
I am available to come into your facility and assist you with your concerns.
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