Problems or Challenges?
What specific problems or challenges are you facing today?
I have had many seemingly ‘insolvable’ questions asked of me over the years.  I can’t think of one instance where a resolution wasn’t offered to a problem.
Look at some of the real problems I have been invited to resolve.  There are many more I could list, but do any of these questions ring a bell with you?
“We need a sterilization ‘Subject Matter Expert (SME)’ in our organisation Alan?  Can you provide ‘In-house’ training for ‘Moist Heat Sterilization? so that we can achieve our aims”
“I am faced with daily autoclave cycle failures, but can’t find the answer.  Can you help Alan?”  
“The Daily Air Removal chemical indicator test fails; it doesn’t fail every day, but randomly and there appears to no reason for it - why?”.  
“We get so close to 30 seconds on ‘Equilibration’, but just can’t seem to achieve the Acceptance Criteria.  What can we do?”
“Why do we get wet loads at the end of the autoclave cycle?  We seem to have tried everything, but....?”
“Do you know what drying oven we can buy to dry our autoclaved wet loads?”
“We experience ‘Superheat’ in some of our loads, but can’t understand why?”
“No matter what we do we can’t seem to get our silicone tubing up to the required temperature - why?”
“Why do we have to live with 5 hour autoclave cycles?”
“We continue to fail our cycles on ‘Air Detector’ alarms - can you help?”
“Why can’t we just take out the “Load Probes?”
“Our ‘Steam Quality’ tests are failing on ‘non-condensable gases’.  We have tried everything, but......?”
“The ‘Leak Rate’ test fails; no idea why.  Can you advise please Alan?”
“Our polypropylene containers keep collapsing - I just can’t work it out.  This is a nightmare - why is it happening?”
“Sometimes we can’t open the autoclave door on completion of the cycle - why not?”
“I’m not sure what ‘Acceptance Criteria’ to use in my Protocols - can you help?”
“Is it really necessary to Qualify ‘Standard Loads’; we seem to spend 6 months validating our autoclaves?”
“We had 1 ‘biological indicator’ grow following the 3rd qualification run - why?”
“The door seal keeps failing - no idea why this keeps happening.  Is this normal?”
“We are failing our ‘Acceptance Criteria’ on temperature overshoot - we don’t understand why this is happening - can you help please?”
I could keep going, but these are real issues that many people face.  There is an answer and I can help you find it.  Just drop me an email and let’s talk about you getting me in to solve your problems.
I look forward to hearing from you.