Professional advice with integrity
My aim is to achieve excellence in all things done; at all times, acting with integrity, providing sound professional advice within a commercial environment
Having sought to understand the commercial and financial goals of each organisation I have worked with,  I have provided advice with regards to the most suitable sterilizers, together with practical validation and qualification programmes (not over the top academic recommendations) to ensure continued, reliable supply of compliant product.
I have played a key role in convincing Senior Managers and Directors of the benefit of instigating relevant cycle types & suitable validation activities, as well as gaining commitment to routine maintenance, as a means of ensuring ongoing supply of compliant product.
In one instance, this involved the establishment of a new ‘Global Strategy’ for sterilization operations throughout a multinational company.
This has often required persuading and negotiating with personnel from different functions (Purchasing, Engineering, Production, Quality, Regulatory Compliance) and in different cultures (e.g. UK, USA, Nordic markets, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Taiwan and South Africa).
I have also supported clients in discussions with Regulatory Authorities, e.g. with MHRA.
I’m honoured to say that I have been commended for professional advice and presentation during consultation, operational and training activities.  
I feel I have something unique to offer and would appreciate being able to help you and your organisation.
Thank you for your consideration.
Professional Advice