Often there are questions that need an answer
No matter how proficient we are in our individual disciplines there are times that we need answers to questions.  
I’m an ‘Authorising Engineer (Decontamination)’, formally known as an ‘Authorised Person (Sterilizers)’.  I’ve walked through many situations looking for answers to problems and finding them.  You can use my practically gained experience to build up your knowledge base.
Take a look at some examples here
To help gain understanding I provide individual educational packages on ‘Moist Heat Sterilization’, which can be tailored for your specific requirements, whether that is for ‘one to one’ sessions or large groups; whether on specific topics or a full, several day, educational course.
In relation to education, it is apparent that increasingly regulatory bodies have an expectation that the ‘Autoclave Operators’ as well as other disciplines have a thorough understanding of sterilization.  Unfortunately it is common to educate Operators against SOP’s, but not to provide them with knowledge in important areas, such as an understanding of the kinetics of sterilization, the importance of air removal, packaging restrictions, loading configuration importance, the way autoclaves work etc.
It is also recognised for organisations to employ ‘Subject Matter Experts (SME’s)’; what better way than to educate individuals in-house to meet your objectives.
Example of educational topics:
  1.  A general overview of Moist Heat Sterilization
  1. An overview of the Microbiology of Sterilization  
  1.  Autoclave Cycle Types
  1.  Design Qualification and FAT
  1.  Installation Qualification/Operational Qualification and Performance Qualification
  1.  Cycle Development and Acceptance Criteria
  1.  Steam for Sterilization
  1.  The Management of Validation Activities
  1.  An overview of Biological Indicators
  1.  Routine Operations
  1.  Planned Preventative Maintenance and Change Control in relation to autoclaves
  1.  Parametric Release
  1.  Standards and Guidelines
  1.  Current Trends
During educational sessions and courses, certain specific issues that you are experiencing can be highlighted and discussed.
For example:
  1.  Equilibration
  2.  Wet steam
  3.  Low temperature problems
  4.  Silicone tubing issues
  5.  Packaging problems
  6.  Validation and Qualification issues
  7.  Regulatory expectations
  8.  Inefficient cycles
  9.  Failed Acceptance Criteria
  10.  Standard/Worst Case/Max-Min loads
Whatever your need, Alan is here for you.