In-house Moist Heat Sterilization Courses
Any of the following sound familiar?

‘Autoclave loads not fully validated’
‘Equipment log books not reviewed and approved’
‘Failure to fully investigate root cause of BI failures’
‘Failure to follow validated loading patterns’
‘Worst case loads not fully validated’
‘Inadequate maintenance and calibration’
‘Temperature lag indicated presence of air in chamber not fully investigated’
‘Air detector test failure not fully investigated’
‘Poor change control’
‘Inadequate training of autoclave operators’

All are observations made by regulatory auditors scrutinising autoclaving practices. Many were categorised as ‘Major’ leading to severe regulatory censure.

When autoclaves fail the consequences can be severe. The bugs may survive, but your business may not.

Sterilization Training Courses
Wherever you are based throughout the world Alan can come to your facility to train your people in steam sterilization.  Understanding and meeting the requirements of European and UK regulatory agencies such as the MHRA can seem at times pretty difficult.  Understanding the requirements of EU documents such as EN 285 can cause some difficulties.  “Is HTM 2010 relevant to our sterilization procedures”, is just one of the questions that you may ask?  Alan has decades of experience in this area and can lead and guide you through what sometimes feels like impossible terrain. Why not get in touch to discuss your requirements, covering the practicalities of autoclave design, validation, operation, routine monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting.
If you wish to discuss the suitability of 1 to 3 day courses, please email Alan for more information
Specifically designed to meet your requirements