Review Your Operations
Steam generation through to ‘point of use’
Have you considered a review of your sterilization process?  Why not invite Alan to come in and ‘walk through (thro)’ from steam generation through to the point of use, whether that be autoclaves or SIP stations.  
An experienced, set of eyes to view your:
  1.  steam generation and steam quality testing
  2.  steam service lines
  3.  steam header
  4.  autoclave installation and design
  5.  cycle design
  6.  autoclave operation
  7.  load preparation and configuration
  8.  validation and qualification
  9.  routine operations and performance testing
  10.  maintenance
  11.  lost production time
If you are outside of the EU this can be of particular interest as you look to meet European guidelines, standards and regulatory expectations.  
Got an inspection coming up? Great time to take a fresh look at what you are doing.  Get in touch to start discussions.