It’s funny how a cold set of eyes can work
One of the useful things I can offer you is the ability to look through a ‘cold set of eyes’.  You know what it’s like when you just can’t see too clearly?
An area I’m increasingly being commissioned for is to perform a ‘System Review’.  This takes the form of walking through a facility, from the Steam Generator through to the autoclaves/SIP stations, identifying compliance and good practice.  Associated with this is performing in-house audits or customer audits on a clients behalf.
Why not use Alan to act as your consultant when;
  1.   Designing or purchasing new autoclaves.
  1.   Assisting you with company audits as your ‘Subject Matter Expert’ (ref ASTM Standard E2500-07).
  1.   Performing a ‘Systems Review’.
  1.   Reviewing Qualification data.
  1.   Preparing for a Regulatory Inspection or responding to one.
Whatever your need, please get in touch.
Audits/System Reviews